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Are you aware that, assuming your pet does not have any unusual medical conditions, yearly costs can be over $600 for the annual check-up, vaccinations, flea control and proper feedings?

Are you aware that you are making up to a 15+ year commitment?

Are you willing to notify Three Sisters/Ohio Hound Rescue
before any transfer of the pet in any way?

Did you know the top 7 reasons for pets being abandoned at shelters are:

1. Didn't realize the work and expense involved in raising a pet.
2. Didn't know Fido would get so big, slobber so much, nip the kids, cost money, bark a lot, steal food, etc.
3. Person became divorced, sick, injured, or died.
4. Chews on furniture
5. Soiled carpeting
6. Had to move to an apartment or house that doesn't allow pets.
7. Family member has allergies.

Do you foresee any of these being a problem in the future?